What’s a Van Hook Lock?

A van deadlock or a van hook lock refers to an add-on accessory that attaches itself to any van door to lock it securely. It functions as a van security blanket on top of your existing lock system to ensure that you’re never giving a free hand to a thief.

What you gain?

  • Effective protection for your van
  • Advantage against thieves
  • Peace of mind
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What you gain?

  • Effective protection for your van
  • Advantage against thieves
  • Peace of mind

We know how stressful your day can be worrying about your tools and personal belongings left unwatched in your van. That's why we help you to reduce this discomfort to a minimum by providing the highest standard of van security solutions with mobile installation.

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Van security installation by experienced industry expert

Hi, My name is Michael. With 8 years of experience within the van security industry, I will comprehensively assist you through upgrading the security of your vehicle, from choosing the right product to the final installation. Please fill out a short quotation request form and help me make your van more secure than ever before.

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Van Locks

Efficiency of van locks fitted to your vehicle will give you peace of mind every time you leave your van unwatched.

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Protection plates & Other solutions

Van security ideas which we recommend adding to locks for vans: Handle shields, Anti-peel bracket, Van shields, Loom guards, Cat locks

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Transportation options

The way you carry the goods during the transportation is also super important. Roof bars or roof racks will provide you with convenience and safety in this process.

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storage options

The van storage box is another layer of security while van racking will help to keep your tools in order so you will never waste a time finding them.

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Add-ons that help to keep your van in great condition.

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Why Do I Need an
Additional Van Locks?

When delivering goods and services, you may have to park in super unsafe locations, and anyone with the necessary picking skills can take advantage of that. Even a screwdriver can make a job and allow access to all doors. As frightening as it is to lose your van or tools just like that, you shouldn't worry as long as your van is provided with efficient security equipment.

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The van locks will give you
peace of mind

While leaving your unattended van overnight. A van locks fitting cost is disproportionate compared with a loss in case of a break-in. All the van security products we offered are designed and manufactured by the UK leaders in light commercial vehicle security solutions giving you the confidence of the highest quality and security standards.

Furthermore, we maintain flexibility at your ease, providing installation services all seven days of the week, covering a 24-month warranty (T&C applied). The area of our activity covers Bristol within a radius of 100 miles

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The number of break-ins to vans drastically increased over the last few years. Statistics say that every 23 minutes, a van is broken into and the tools are stolen in the UK.

FAQ by Secured Van

Do you offer a warranty on the services/ products that you sell?

Yes, our services are covered by a 24-month warranty (T&C applied). In addition, our consultants always ensure you are made aware of all policies and conditions.

How do booking and payment work?

You can request a free quote or directly contact us, where our consultants can guide and book you at your convenience. Moreover, Secured-van offers ample payment options. We accept direct cash payments, PayPal, bank transfers card ,and instalments payments.

How long does installation take?

It depends on the kind of work you’re getting done. A rough estimate would be a minimum time of about an hour for each van lock fitting.

Do the locks require further maintenance?

The locks require minimal maintenance. We recommend washing the van after installation to avoid rusting that might amass from swarfs. Moreover, we will advise you on the proper ways of maintaining the durability and functionality of the locks.

What if something happens to my vehicle during the process?

We can guarantee a safe working environment, and Secured-van also has public liability insurance that can cover any unexpected damage.

Why should you choose Secured-van?

With Secured-van, you don’t need to stress the danger of theft and break-ins as we deliver high-quality security locks at your convenience. We take all measures to ensure you get the most satisfactory result from our service. We don’t compromise on quality- all our locks are acquired from Locks4Vans, a leader in van security solutions. We work efficiently according to the automotive environment considering rust and water leaks, using only the best quality waxoyl, paints, and sealants. Our skilled workers fulfill and surpass all your requirements, from fitting van deadlocks to installing armor plates.

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