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Do you offer a warranty on the services/ products that you sell?

Yes, our services are covered by a 24-month warranty (T&C applied). In addition, our consultants always ensure you are made aware of all policies and conditions.

How do booking and payment work?

You can request a free quote or directly contact us, where our consultants can guide and book you at your convenience. Moreover, Secured-van offers ample payment options. We accept direct cash payments, PayPal, bank transfers and card payments.

How long does installation take?

It depends on the kind of work you’re getting done. A rough estimate would be a minimum time of about an hour for each van lock fitting.

Do the locks require further maintenance?

The locks require minimal maintenance. We recommend washing the van after installation to avoid rusting that might amass from swarfs. Moreover, we will advise you on the proper ways of maintaining the durability and functionality of the locks.

Is it necessary for me to be with the van during the whole fitting process?

Not at all. We can get the job done while you wait inside the comfort of your own home or at your workplace. However, you will need to be present at the end to show you the result and ensure your satisfaction to proceed with the final payments.

What if something happens to my vehicle during the process?

We can guarantee a safe working environment, and Secured-van also has public liability insurance that can cover any unexpected damage.

What is the difference between a deadlock and a hook lock?

A van deadlock is a relatively robust lock with a bolt that glides in and out, which delivers adequate security and is good enough to give your van that extra needed safety. On the other hand, a van hook lock has a bolt that curves over a metal lock keep. It stops the van’s door from peeling down or yanked apart with accidental force.

What is the difference between S-series and T-series locks?

The S-series locks are more budget-friendly but as long-lasting and potent as any other lock. These locks are made using chrome-plated brass, which allows for a more conventional and resilient material. The T-series locks are relatively higher quality, produced wholly from nickel silver that prevents twisting off issues and is highly durable.

Why should you choose Secured-van?

With Secured-van, you don’t need to stress the danger of theft and break-ins as we deliver high-quality security locks at your convenience. We take all measures to ensure you get the most satisfactory result from our service. We don’t compromise on quality- all our locks are acquired from Locks4Vans, a leader in van security solutions. We work efficiently according to the automotive environment considering rust and water leaks, using only the best quality waxoyl, paints, and sealants. Our skilled workers fulfill and surpass all your requirements, from fitting van deadlocks to installing armor plates.

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