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ULTI Bars Van Roof Bars

The ULTI Bar van roof bars are expertly designed for strength, style and durability. The ULTI Bar is the product of over 20 years of pioneering van roof bar engineering.

Each set has been tailor made to your van’s specific make and model. Taking into consideration its shape and pre-existing fixing points, our expert design team have created van roof bar systems for almost every type of van on the European market.

Van Roof Bar Features

Exceptional Strength

  • Constructed from specialised anodised aluminium extrusion sitting on reinforced steel brackets. The ULTI Bar uses the ultimate combination of both materials and engineering techniques to maximise its sheer strength.

Hard Wearing & Built to Last

  • Every item and mechanism of our ULTI Bar is built to work rain or shine, day in, day out. The metal roof bars are anti-corrosive and do not rust like steel alternatives. The plastic components contain UV proof additives and the brackets on which the bars sit on are both galvansied and powder coated for extra longevity.

ULTI Bar’s Key Features

1. Strong & Streamlined

2. Easy to Fit Van Roof Bars

3. Robust Design & Hard Wearing

4. Made In Britain

5. Crash tested & Designed To Your Van’s Spec

6. Range of ULTI Bar Accessories To Complement (Ladder Roller, Ladder Clamps etc.)

ULTI Rack+ Van Roof Racks

New to 2022, the ULTIRack+ represents one of the most advanced roof racks on the market. Combining both style and substance, the new and improved ULTIRack+ has it covered from all angles.

As with its 1st generation predecessor, the ULTIRack+ inherits a sleek aluminium alloy design, made to measure foot packs, multi-use side channels and full width rear roller, but now also includes a truly game changing cross bar system at the heart of every system. Similar to Van Guard’s cross bar only solution the ULTIBar, ULTIRack+’s cross bars now include an ingenious T-slot rail system across every single cross bar. The ULTIRack+ is the first gallery rack of its kind to offer this feature, enabling van owners unparalleled tie down, load restraint and accessorising capabilities.

Whether the van is to be used for work or play, the ULTIRack+ stylishly delivers absolutely every feature needed to get the job done.

ULTI Rack+’s Key Features

  1. 1. NEW 2022
  2. 2. Strong & Robust Van Roof Rack
  3. 3. Side Channels, T Slot system & Ladder Roller Included
  4. 4. Versatile Carrying Capacity
  5. 5. Most Advanced Roof Rack Features
  6. 6. Crash tested & Designed To Your Van’s Spec

Pipe Tubes & Pipe Carriers

Our pipe carriers are renowned across the trades, from plumbers to electricians alike, as the go-to, tried and tested solution for safely and securely transporting copper pipe, plastic conduit, fascias and tile trims on your van during transit.

Built from exceptionally strong (yet light in weight) Anodised Aluminium extrusion, our pipe carriers provide an easy and dedicated storage area for long and thin items that may often be precariously strapped to roof bars or thrown loosely into a cab area full of heavy/dirty tools of the trade. Instead users can prevent items such as their copper pipes and plastic conduit from any unnecessary damage or destruction with their own safe and clean space that is easily accessible.

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Pipe Tube Carrying Capacity

  • Our Standard size enables you to store approximately 36 x 15mm pipe tubes
  • Our Large size, or as we call it Maxi, enables you to store approximately 60 x 15mm pipe tubes

Pipe Carrier Lengths

  • For smaller vans or for internal storage we suggest our 2m pipe carrier
  • For medium-larger vans we recommend our 3m pipe carrier

Lined Options for Added Protection

  • Why choose lined? It stops marks and discoloration on fragile or easily marked items such as white plastic conduit

Pipe Carrier’s Key Features

  1. 1. Weatherproof & Durable Design
  2. 2. Choose the Perfect Pipe Tube Length
  3. 3. Lockable End Caps for Added Security
  4. 4. Crashed Tested to 20G
  5. 5. Stylish, Aerodynamic Profile
  6. 6. Choose from Lined or Unlined Pipe Carriers

Read Door Ladder

Designed and manufactured by a team of expert engineers, the ULTILadder enables easier access to the van’s roof to allow loads to be securely fastened. Made from aluminium, with steel brackets and powder coated in black providing weatherproofing and anti-corrosive properties to prevent rust. This ladder not only looks the part, but it is heavy duty enough to do the job with an impressive weight limit of 140kg.

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