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A continuation of the many flaws surrounding the stock lock system of new commercial vehicles is the vulnerable cylinder inside the lock. While most vehicle manufacturers claim to accessorize their vans with pick-proof locks, it is seldom the case. A simple tool like a screwdriver combined with people's muscle strength can bypass that security and leave your whole van at risk of theft or damage.

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What is a Replock?

Unlike van deadlocks, a van replock also known as Driver’s Door Lock Replacement for Ford Vans replaces the original lock mechanism in a stock vehicle to ensure better security and introduce an anti-pick, anti-drill, and anti-spin approach to the design. One may find it extremely difficult to break into your van.


  • A solid replacement for Ford’s original lock mechanism
  • A solid replacement for Ford’s original lock mechanism
  • Completely anti-pick, anti-drill, and anti-spin design
  • Vehicle specific kits
  • Key it alike to any van deadlock, van slamlock, or statement lock.

Do Your Van Locks Come With Untrustworthy OE?

Don’t worry. Here at Secured Van, we excel at installing top-quality van replocks without any drilling. The process takes merely 30-45 minutes, and you're good to go for years to come. We also make sure that the key works with your van only and, due to unique identification, doesn't allow creating copies. So wherever you're parked, your vehicle and the precious cargo inside are always safe.

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Do you offer a warranty on the services/ products that you sell?

Yes, our services are covered by a 24-month warranty (T&C applied).

How long does installation take?

It depends on the kind of work you’re getting done. A rough estimate would be a minimum time of about an hour for each van lock fitting.

Is it necessary for me to be with the van during the whole fitting process?

Not at all. We can get the job done while you wait inside the comfort of your own home or at your workplace. However, you will need to be present at the end to show you the result and ensure your satisfaction to proceed with the final payments.

How do booking and payment work?

You can request a free quote or directly contact us, where our consultants can guide and book you at your convenience. Moreover, Secured Van offers ample payment options. We accept direct cash payments, PayPal, bank transfers, and card payments.

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